For Valentine’s Day each year I design a card for my lovely wife. This year was no exception. I started with a sketch of what I wanted to do and scanned it in to create the vectors. Many times I go into these projects with a loose idea of what I want to do and experiment on the computer to come up with the final design. While not always a good practice, sometimes it is easier and quicker to “sketch” on the computer as you can make changes to elements quickly and see what the results will be.Read More →

Yes I know this is a little late. With all the holiday excitement I forgot to post my Christmas card. This year I didn’t do a “card” but made a post card. I printed the final on a Curious Metallic paper. I like the luster the paper gives the final printed piece and I could run it through a color printer without any trouble. Now to start to figure out next years.Read More →