Stop Waiting!

Stop Waiting!

Too often I hear designers, friends and even myself say, “I’m waiting to be inspired.” STOP WAITING!

We search the web, magazines or other places for inspiration when we don’t know where to start on a project. Stop waiting! Start creating. As you create the ideas will formulate and start to flow.

Ideas don’t come to you while you’re sitting around doing nothing. They come to you when you are doing. Some of my best ideas come to me while I’m working on a project that is unrelated. I believe our subconscious is continually working on things and it is when we do something else that it makes cognitive leaps that are unexpected. Hence the phrase, “This idea came out of nowhere.”

They also come from talking about them with others. Sharing ideas and bouncing them around with other people, especially with those who have similar interests, can boost the idea to new levels. Sharing ideas with those outside your field can have the same effect as they have a different perspective.

Am I saying, we shouldn’t seek inspiration? No. We should. We should always be looking for new ideas, new ways to do things, new experiences. These things expand our minds and the base of what we can draw from to come up with killer ideas. They give us a good foundation for when we need that inspiration.

Surfing the web, reading books, going to museums, talking with people, writing and sketching are all ways to excersize your mind and keep it in shape to be able to have the inspiration when you need it. Stop waiting for inspiration to hit and do something about it. Excersize your most important tool, the mind, and get it in shape so when you need that idea it’s there.

Start creating.

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