Dive In

Dive In

The companies new marketing material.

2012 was a busy year. Not so much for Gibbs Design but for me personally and my full time job. Unfortunately (or fortunately) my regular job has been very busy so I haven’t had time to focus on my freelance work (that’s the unfortunate part).  I work as a full time in-house designer for a company the employs over 400 people. Last year we moved to a new building and had to redo all our marketing material. I had the pleasure to redesign it all.

Working as the only designer at a large company can be very lonely from a creative stand point. Over the last few weeks I’ve been contemplating this as I’ve felt creatively drained. I have also been feeding my BBQ hobby and posting about it over on my Q4Fun blog this year. Which has also had me thinking; why do I have so much to say about BBQ and not as much about design, which is my job?

I love both things. Both are creative outlets and let me learn and do cool things. But why have I been able to be so involved and able to write about BBQ but not design? 

After contemplating this I have come to the conclusion that I need to immerse myself more into design. I need to dive in to it again. I need to reconnect with other designers, make time to be inspired by art, movies, logos, great layouts and generally recharge my design battery.

I find that non-designers don’t really understand this. They just think that what we do comes naturally, and it does. But like a stream, we have to have a source. If the source isn’t fed the stream will dry up. This year I have decided to feed my creative source more.

MOINK balls a wonderful BBQ concoction.
One of the miniatures I enjoy painting for tabs top games (in process).
A sketch/doodle for fun.

For me that includes; cooking BBQ and creating new things to try on the grill, playing games and painting miniatures, reading good books, sketching and doodling and taking time to relax and let my brain wander.

How do you feed your creative source?


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