Clockwork Arms

Clockwork Arms

Watch out because I’m going to release my inner geek.

One of my hobbies is playing miniature wargames. You know the ones where you buy the miniatures, paint them, build terrain and play with them. Yup, those. My favorite one right now is Warmachine by Privateer Press. There is a group of guys I play with in the Carolinas called the NC Gunbunnies. I recently helped them create a riff on the Warmachine Steamroller tournament logo.

The real logo looks like this:

The one I created, looks like this:

One of the Gunbunnies saw my work, liked it and asked if I would create some logos and other bits for his site Clockwork Arms. I agreed to and we worked out a trade.

I first created a logo for him.

I then used the logo and created some other icons for his site.

Google+ icon

I like the way they all came out and work together for a consistent steampunk look. It was a fun little project and nice to get away from my regular corporate design projects.

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