For Valentine’s Day each year I design a card for my lovely wife. This year was no exception. I started with a sketch of what I wanted to do and scanned it in to create the vectors. Many times I go into these projects with a loose idea of what I want to do and experiment on the computer to come up with the final design. While not always a good practice, sometimes it is easier and quicker to “sketch” on the computer as you can make changes to elements quickly and see what the results will be.Read More →

It has been awhile since I posted anything on my blog. As I have said before Gibbs Design is a part time job for me so I haven’t devoted as much time this past year as I would have liked to. My regular full time job has kept me busy with a company change (we were bought) which meant updating our marketing materials from top to bottom. I also started to focus a bit more on my BBQ hobby and doing reviews of BBQ products and restaurants over on my Q4Fun blog. So last year has been eventfull. I have created some fun projects thatRead More →

I admit it I’m a BBQ-aholic and a sucker for good design. Recently, I have started to combine those two passions and have found they have a lot in common in their methods and approaches. When getting ready to BBQ and design you need to follow a few steps: 1. Plan ahead 2. Prepare 3. Use the right tools 4. Expect surprises 5. Adapt 6. Present the final productRead More →

Ok, I’ll admit it. I have been excited about the possibilities of a tablet like personal computer since the Newton first appeared. You remember the Newton, don’t you? (top picture) It was Apples first attempt at a PDA. Despite it’s shortcomings it was the first of many. I actually still have one, but it doesn’t work anymore. I have been dreaming about having a tablet type device that I could draw on digitally, keep track of my calendar, watch and listen to media and a myriad of other things. My idea for a device was about the size of a clipboard that could be usedRead More →

I did this illustration a few months ago but have been wanting to blog about the process of creating it. It started as a little imp of an idea and grew. I used a similar process to the one I used for the shrunken head. Started with a sketch but this time only drew half the face. I drew a fairly detailed sketch so I knew were to put the lines and had an idea of the shading. Once I had the sketch where I liked it I scanned it in and imported it to Adobe Illustrator. I scaled it to the size I wantedRead More →

I was cleaning around my house the other day and came across old sketch books. I find it fascinating to look back through them. Some go all the way back to high school. As a designer sketching is an important way to get ideas down and to work through design problems. Comic idea from 1993 As I flipped through them I realized I knew exactly where I was and what was going on when I did each sketch. Whether it was an idea for a project, a class in college or a trip. Going analog is a good way to start any design project. ItRead More →

If you follow me on Twitter you know I love BBQ. Not grilling, but BBQ. The difference you ask? Grilling is hot and quick and BBQ is low and slow. Both are good, but the flavor you get in BBQ can’t be beat. I helped a friend at a couple different BBQ competitions and got to thinking, “With all these people walking around, not many are wearing cool BBQ shirts. Someone needs to make some.” So I created some. My original idea was a line called “Q-wear.” I shared my idea with a couple friends who are designers (I have found as an independent designerRead More →