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It has been awhile since I posted anything on my blog. As I have said before Gibbs Design is a part time job for me so I haven’t devoted as much time this past year as I would have liked to. My regular full time job has kept me busy with a company change (we were bought) which meant updating our marketing materials from top to bottom. I also started to focus a bit more on my BBQ hobby and doing reviews of BBQ products and restaurants over on my Q4Fun blog. So last year has been eventfull. I have created some fun projects thatRead More →

I admit it I’m a BBQ-aholic and a sucker for good design. Recently, I have started to combine those two passions and have found they have a lot in common in their methods and approaches. When getting ready to BBQ and design you need to follow a few steps: 1. Plan ahead 2. Prepare 3. Use the right tools 4. Expect surprises 5. Adapt 6. Present the final productRead More →

Recently My wife and I did some rearranging in our game room. We wanted to move some bookshelves around to make some more room and change where the tv was located. This meant removing all the books off the book shelves and going through them. We removed a few to donate to local libraries and other places which made more room for the books we kept. It made it possible for me to have a graphic design book shelf where I can actually see what books I have. I have two binders from HOW Conferences which are full of great info I like to referRead More →

One of the many hats I wear at my full time job is a video editor. When we first purchased Final Cut Studio Pro, I played around in it to get a feel for editing and creating special effects. The following movie is the first one I made. It is not perfect but I think it is a fun little fly through. My idea was, a miniature spaceship was in my office and did a reconnaissance mission from my cube to an adjoining one and back. I used the sound effects in Soundtrack and the effects from Motion to create this 55 second short. Enjoy!Read More →

Project Type: Identity Client: Catchafire for Q Challenge: Create a logo and character to help promote Operation Thanksgiving Turkey (OTT). Solution: One of my hobbies is competition BBQ. The team I’m on does Operation Thanksgiving Turkey each Thanksgiving to help feed needy families in our area. The first year we fed 40 families, last year we fed 286. After two years of promoting OTT with nothing other than some text posters it was decided a logo was needed. The word “operation” brought to mind a military operation and with all the volunteers involved it is almost like one. After playing around with some ideas forRead More →

LEGO. Those small blocks our kids leave on the floor so in the middle of the night we step on them with bare feet thus waking the household. Oh, the memories. I grew up with LEGO. Never knew a day without it. My parents were studying language in Switzerland many years ago and invited some friends over for dinner. As was the custom, they brought the hosts a gift which happened to be LEGO for my older brother. That was when the collection started (40+ years ago). Ever since I can remember, I have played with LEGO. It was always my brothers until I turnedRead More →

Recently I watched a TED video about how great leaders inspire actions. One of the things he said really struck me about advertising. We shouldn’t design for the “what” but for the “why.” I also watched “Art & Copy” which is a movie about advertising and inspiration. As I watched it I noticed that some of the best advertising campaigns and tag lines hit the “Why?” on the mark. A couple of the ads they talk about are the 1984 Apple ad, Nike’s “Just Do It.” and “Got Milk?” The Apple ad is a classic. Not once does it show the product in the adRead More →

I’m on a BBQ competition team and every now and than I get to do some design work for it. Recently we decided to custom label a sauce and I designed the label. Projects like this are great, as I love both design and BBQ and can do my own thing. Ultimately the owner of the team has sign off so I do have to make sure my design fits his vision. Once we decided to label a sauce we had to come up with a name. We had chosen a mustard style sauce that fit well with the low country style of the CarolinasRead More →

Last year the company I work for full time did an event in Animal Kingdom in Disney World. One of my jobs was to create an e-vite for it to be sent to the clients. After discussing with our event planner what they were going to be doing we decided to feature an African theme. After all they were going to see a presentation of the Lion King. The central icon for the Animal Kingdom is the Tree of Life, so I knew I would have to have the baobab tree on the invite along with a lion. After thinking about it and playing aroundRead More →