I admit it I’m a BBQ-aholic and a sucker for good design. Recently, I have started to combine those two passions and have found they have a lot in common in their methods and approaches. When getting ready to BBQ and design you need to follow a few steps: 1. Plan ahead 2. Prepare 3. Use the right tools 4. Expect surprises 5. Adapt 6. Present the final productRead More →

I’m on a BBQ competition team and every now and than I get to do some design work for it. Recently we decided to custom label a sauce and I designed the label. Projects like this are great, as I love both design and BBQ and can do my own thing. Ultimately the owner of the team has sign off so I do have to make sure my design fits his vision. Once we decided to label a sauce we had to come up with a name. We had chosen a mustard style sauce that fit well with the low country style of the CarolinasRead More →

A friend from Church started BBQing a couple of years ago and entering competitions. He has a huge smoker that he uses to do this. Last year he got the idea to smoke as many turkeys as he could for needy families in the area. He did 40, which isn’t bad for a first year. He was able to get BiLo to help out with the groceries and turkeys so each family would get a Thanksgiving meal. He had volunteers deliver them to the families. One of the houses had a teenage boy answer the door and when they gave him the groceries he wasRead More →

If you follow me on Twitter you know I love BBQ. Not grilling, but BBQ. The difference you ask? Grilling is hot and quick and BBQ is low and slow. Both are good, but the flavor you get in BBQ can’t be beat. I helped a friend at a couple different BBQ competitions and got to thinking, “With all these people walking around, not many are wearing cool BBQ shirts. Someone needs to make some.” So I created some. My original idea was a line called “Q-wear.” I shared my idea with a couple friends who are designers (I have found as an independent designerRead More →